Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My new blog :D

I have change my new blog to HERE!! REMEMBER DO RE-LINK my blog k everyone :D thanks thanks :D and do remember always drop by k :D

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A very special present

This is a gift from a very special person in my heart as i mention in the earlier post. This is not a very expensive gift. But is a present full of effort. All this while I just love all this pretty birthday cards, any nice handcraft cards regardless of the occasion, I just love all of them.

Get back to this card, is all hand made. Slowly rolling each and every single strip of paper into nice little designs. Is not only one single card but all together 5 in total, not only for me but also for those who i care a lot in my life which is my family. I don't know whether you all understand what i am trying to explain but i guess after finish seeing all this photo all of you will understand better.

This is the little present placed in front of the box which store all the other cards in it.

The first card is for muffin :P hehe my little and very notty dog. There is all different kind of notes behind the card. Is a shape of a bone :D

And the second one which is my favourite, is a shape of ballet shoes. You can guess it right, surely this one is for Cherli.

I love the blend of pink and white colour of this ballet shoes. Very nice :D

Hehe . . and ching's card. Not much idea left i guess, hehe . . having a small aeroplane, 2 little clouds and also a sun :P hehe. . all related to her job :P hehe

The 4th one is for Cheryi . . i love this one too . . very nice details in the wedding bell. looking at this cards carefully, thinking quietly by myself . . i don't think i will know how to finish all this small details. Every single pasting and rolling all the papers . .placing it together. . really a lot of work and time consuming.

And lastly surely is for ME right :D cause I'm the birthday girl ma :D hehe :D my pretty 4 tier cake :P look at the candle :D it's 2 big 2 small candles :D cause I'm 22 years old ma this year :P

This is on the other side on the box which include a very meaningful letter in it. this small envelop just caught my eye because me myself don't understand why i just love miniature things :P very cute little envelop :D

My birthday's date. . . I really got touch by this present. . really meant a lot to me.

I appreciate everything that you did. Maybe you don't think the same way but i do hope the best for you just like how you support me no matter what I'm going for. You just support me and showing me that I really mean something and I'm important to you. Making me feel I'm important and just being with me even though you are unhappy with most of the things that i do.

But what I would like to say is i really do understand all the things that you always wanted me to understand. I will surely love myself more and because of our different thinking and we are unhappy most of the time. even though this is not a happy ending, but what i want to sincerely say is that you stand in a very important part in my heart. Thank you for everything.

2009 Birthday presents :D

Is almost after one months time from my birthday. Time really past without us noticing it. Here is a post where i will be showing you guys the presents that i receive from all my lovely friends.

Is always difficult to look for a good present, I tend to think think and think and start to worry whether the person receiving the present will like the present or not. But i find it more easy when it comes to real close friend. As we will either hear hint from them or maybe when you know a person very well then we will know what kind of gifts they will like :D

I'm going to have some headache too for the coming weeks :P someone very sweet's birthday is coming very soon . . . give me some hint maybe? I don't know what you will like ><'' okay now I confuse, I'm close with this sweety but I don't know what to to get!!

This is a card that Shyyi did for me :P hehe :D even though is the same old style that you copy from me :D But thanks as i know she is not really a handy craft person :P

This is the perfume from Shyyi and Sweety!! Hehe a perfume that I'm aiming for quite sometime d :D Thanks naaa :D love u . . haven start using this bottle because i'm still using others now :D When i use d let both of u smell na :P hahaha pin can smell my neck d lor :P hahahahaha . .. lee shyyi see u choose a perfect present for me to get closer to my sweety . . hahahaha

A sweet and pinky present from Hao seng and Raymond :D they know that i love scrap booking . . thats why they bought me one very nice album to START my scrap booking :P hehehe :D thanks naaa :D sinku you boys d need go buy so pink and cute present for me :D

Naughty present from this 2 naughty girls :P Shin and Rong :D totally love this :D is so me :P lace things cant go wrong don't they :D thanks ya!! oh its a sleeping eye mask and a matching underwear :D

And this is so unexpected!! okay all also unexpected but this is out of the expected!! haha crazy me saying stupid things :P This is from Hongyi, so before the birthday dinner, he was telling me " you sure like my present one lor!" then I was thinking and keep asking Shyyi " What eh? what he buy eh?" haha but she did't tell me what's the present and she just say you will surely like it.

Is a hand made blanket,okay he didt hand made it himself but his grandma sew it :D hehe :D I really when we were still studying, I saw his blanket and told him that i love this kind of blanket. Is like patch work,using all different kind of cloth and sew it together into a piece of blanket :D totally love this kind of vintage kind of things :D I'm so happy that he still remember and thanks for the thoughts :)

This is from ah yao :) a gold necklace he buy all the way from penang :) thanks naa yao :D always remember me whenever you go for holidays :D

And lastly a vintage bag from Cherli and my mom :D Li went pyramid alone and shop for my present :D walk shop by shop to hunt for present for me :D Thanks na Li :* muaksssss

I know I'm a lucky girl :D there is a lot of people in my life that loves me :) Thanks for all the wishes and present and just being with me is more than enough :D And there will be a post coming up next about a very special present from someone who is very special and important in my heart.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Yay!! i think most of the people overseas really look forward to Halloween but as for Malaysians, i guess we do know Halloween exist ><'' but not much of us do celebrate it like how foreigners do.

Decorations, Costumes, going house to house to "treat or trick"

Hmm . . . I do love all this different kinds of celebration but i find Halloween a bit hard :P my friends are going to one of this club this Saturday where everyone enter the club wearing their own special costumes :D sounds fun but I'm not going :P I don't have any costume to wear :(

Haihh!! What should i do ler for this Halloween . . .

Look at this cute baby :D hehe :D see d also feel happy :D so cute. . . . awwww little monkey :P hehehe some more know how to scratch the head like real monkeys :P

Oh!! i think most girls wants to be a sexy witch :P

haha!! then Muffin can be a Hot dog :P a real dog in a hotdog ><'' confusing :P

normally when we watch those funny movies. . . nerds will go in all this weird costumes and will get bullied by all those Hot guys :P hahaha. . . they are already a nerds. . why cant they just choose a more normal costumes instead they still choose something like this stupid looking cockroach . . see d also wanna smack them la!! hahaha

next time sure want to dress my children up and let them enjoy Halloween :D hehe :D

So yeah if i get to choose from a whole range of costumes :D i want to get a Cleopatra costume :D so nice right :D with thick thick eyeliner . . . thick dark hair !! wow !! sexy :D hehe :D

so yeah!! finish all those crazy lame imagination . . what to do on Halloween?? and yeah it's a Saturday . . haih . . . .

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SPACE is way more fun than earth

:D as i mention earlier,all of us are in love with Space club at heritage row :) not everyone of our gang turns up for the dinner but everyone was there for the after party :D

happy happy :D sitting in the so called regular place we had. . and everyone of us enjoy the night to the max!! this time not only my usual gang of friends but Sheri and my friends from office all came and made the night even more FUN !!

Me and Shyyi . . super love my dress :P hehe . . okayyy ching bought it but i get to wear it first :D thanks ching :)

Girls from MXM . . . Me, Sheri, Carrot and Dev

Shin, Travis and Hongyi

Sheri and Damien

hehe :D my cute sister . . . next time still wanna join us to club?

Me and yao

So early drunk meh :( sayang sayang

Osmenn and Sheri . . harrr osmenn drink for posing right!! hehehe :P

Damien, me and Hongyi :D

everyone look tipsy :P hehe . . yao!!! hahahahaha sleepy d ah u :P

Dont play play with us :P smack u ah!!!

Ah Chuah and carrot. . sweet couple :D Osmenn, me and half Dev :P

me and osmenn :P me doing a crazy pose but i still love it :P

Shin, Rong and Yao

Yao me and hs :D hehe . . hao seng just got his new hair cut :D how can anyone be as cute as him :P no one can win him d :P

Take 1 !!

yay!! Take 2 nicer :D

tata !! i just love clubs that play slow and romantic songs when they are about to close :D the total satisfaction u have before u leave the club :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No more sweet 16

instead is Sexy 22nd birthday :P it has been almost 2 weeks since my birthday night, but only now i have a little time to blog about it. From waiting for the photos from Shyyi's camera to editing all this photo to UPLOADING it here. All this take time especially the uploading of all this photos.

I still remember clearly about my 21st birthday which i celebrate at Euphoria, my mom was at KL that time so she join all of us. It was a fun night but THIS YEAR more fun :P is not because my mom is not here to join us clubbing :P but i don't know why i just feel happier this year :D

Firstly i went online and did a simple research and decide on which nice restaurant to go, thanks to all those food blogger outside :) most of their blogs are very informative and it didn't take me long to decide on Pink Sage KL is where i want to have my birthday dinner.

All of my best best friends and my lovely sisters, sweet cousin gather all together. Everyone dress up very nicely and here we start the night :D

Pink Sage @ KL is actually opposite Capsquare, it took us a while turning around in circles but end up with the help of the shop's manager's directions we reach the restaurant happily :D

They have this lovely pancake which they dont usually server for dinner time, but i did make a small request for it. And birthday girl got her pancake and all her friends get to makan together :D

Everything from Heinz. Love this brand, maple syrup, tomato ketchup, chili sauce :D all small little packaging.

Excited to open all my presents :P I'm a happy girl

Got a DIOR J'adore from Shyyi and Pin :P totally in love with it. Thanks lee shyyi :* made up the story that she is on OT that night so that she can go to the mall and get me this present, so touch!! Thanks na, love love

Do Re Mi !! doing the same post somemore, all folllow me de :P

Finish dinner start to camchore non stop !! :D

People wanted to close shop but we still don't want to go back !! love this photo, simple but look very happy :)

Me and yao. He has to let me approve what he is wearing on that night :P hehe luckly everything turns out okay, as most of u all know his unique fashion sense.

Me, Yao and Shyyi. If Yao is this tall in real life :P every one of us is going to fall for him. haha. but too bad la yao, you are not this tall in real life :P

Why my hair look so nice here ah!! i want every photo also like this ><""

The only nice group photo without Sheri the photographer and Hongyi,the sick one that didn't join all of us for the after party !! he did join us for dinner but i guess he is not here because he is busy talking on the phone outside :P

Shin, Me and Rong :) most of us wore black that night :) everyone loves black.

All the HOT chick that night xD go clubbing with such a big group of girl. why do we still need to pay for our own liquor? muahahahha

Me and Shyyi :)

everyone love this photo. Credits to lee shyyi, li is really taking that a photo that time and not just for the posing purpose :P just at this moment, Shyyi saw this nice moment and she capture this moment perfectly :P haahaha only one photo can say till like she is a big professional photographer :P

Space Club @ KL I'm so in love with this club. everything about it is just nice and suits all of us to the max. Is not like a super nice club with super nice interior, but there is a quite perfect size dance floor and the songs they play is those that we like which suits our dance moves :P currently this is the place that our gang love :D

Faye's sexy transperant lacey top :) me with my super boring black dress, and shyyi's very nice combination purpple + yellow sexy outfit :)

Me and Yao in the club!!

Got this cute present from shin and rong from La senza :) An eye mask and a matching underware, there is this sexy font written "Naughty" on top of it :P hehe i where got naughty . . i am flirty k !! muahahaaa

Totally love this photo :) look at hao seng, ooi shin and rong's face. All red but 3 also bluff people with their red face :P they did't get drunk at all !! me keep asking them to DRINK DRINK DRINK but none of them got drunk and i'm the one end up with no voice cause keep shouting and asking them to drink ><""

me with the not yet hype up cherli :P hug hug :D

sexy raymond, shin, and rabbit rong !! hehe so cute 3 of them :D

me with the super popular girl in the club ><'' hahahaha!! u know what i mean right :D teeheee!!

every year my birthday this 2 girls sure busy want to kiss birthday girl :P hehe. . why do birthday girl get kisses from people? why don't they have this, birthday girl get to kiss whoever boy which they think super super leng chai and the guy cannot reject :P hahaha. . sounds better right? hahahaa

me and shin :D

raymond :)

me and the super cute hao seng :)

love this photo :)

One year one year can just pass in a blink of eye. When we are in this stage of life we don't really see clearly or appreaciate we have at that certain stage. But i am really learning to appreaciate everything from each stage. From good to bad, I treasure it and eventhough it is a bad thing but at lease I learn something out of it.

As I said before, I am really happy and bless that i have my lovely family who love me for who i am. And my super super nice gang of friends. I woke up in the afternoon after the night of the birthday party, I felt really touch with this gang of stupid anf fun friends. I sms each and one of them to let them know they are important to me and thanks for celebrating my day with me and with all the gifts from each and every one of them (which i'm going to blog later on)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes :D love each and everyone of you :D